About Us

Our planets wildife is being exterminated at an alarming rate. The worlds population of Rhinoceros could be extinct by 2030, an average of 33,000 elephants are killed by illegal methods each year, giraffe populations are down by 40% and many of us, and our children, will not get the chance to look upon the animals we have only seen on television.  


There are many of us who want to volunteer our time or money to help those in need but are unsure how to do it or even what we have to offer as a person that will help. Just take a minute to ask yourself, what are my skill sets and how can I apply them to make this world a better place and you've taken your first step. Global Guardians Travel founder, Dustin Thompson, was asked a similar question once. That question led him to Africa to help protect the declining population of Rhinoceros. After visiting South Africa and Zimbabwe and volunteering with two anti-poaching organisations the seed was planted and the passion to continue to contribute to the protection of our wildlife, not just one particular species or one particular country, but all, was born.


Global Guardians Travel began in 2016 in Australia from the ideas and desire of its founder and friends. After visiting Africa and seeing first hand what is happening there he could no longer sit idle as the animals that need our protection are driven to extinction.